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Rent Collection:

  1. Rent is due on the 1st day of each month. There is a Five (5) day grace period, which means that your payment must be received at the office of VPM Management, Inc. no later than the 5th day of each month in order to avoid late charges. When mailing your rental payment, make sure the envelope is postmarked (by the post office) at least one business day prior to the 5th. To ensure timely delivery, we suggest mailing your payment no later than the 1st.

  2. All payments will be processed on the day that they are received. (No “postdated” checks will be held)

  3. VPM will mail a monthly statement to you; however, this is done only as a courtesyand may not accurately represent the total amount you owe at the time of your payment.  If you do not receive a statement, you must still make the rental payment due, payable to Harbor Village, by personal delivery or mailing to:

    VPM Management, Inc.
    2400 Main Street, Suite 201
    Irvine, CA 92614-6271

  4. All checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders should be payable to Harbor Village. Please be sure to write your account number on your check. If you do not know your account number, please ensure that your complete address (street address and apartment number) is noted on your check.  When obtaining money orders, it is best to purchase them from your bank so that you will have better control over their processing.

  5. Cash is not accepted.  Payments by credit cards or wire are not possible.

  6. VPM Management, Inc. has a mail slot for after hours and weekend drop off at the above address. The VPM office is located on the intersection of Main Street and Cartwright. Main Street is north of the San Diego Freeway (405) and runs parallel to the freeway. The intersection if between the MacArthur and Jamboree off ramps, south of MacArthur and north of Jamboree. It is a 2–story, glass building on the corner. The front entrance for VPM Management, Inc. faces Main Street, on the ground floor, and the mail drop is in the door.

  7. Personal checks are NOT ACCEPTED after the 10th of the month (payment by personal check must be received in our office no later than the 10th). Personal checks are also not accepted for replacement of a check that has been returned by your bank for any reason. In both of these cases, payment must be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order, payable to Harbor Village, and must include the full amount of rent due, all late charges, and any outstanding previous balance due on your account. Returned checks will not be redeposited under any circumstances, and unaccepted personal checks will be shredded.

  8. If your have had three (3) checks returned by your bank, we will no longer accept personal checks from you for rental payments on your account, and all future payment must be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order.

  9. In the event of a roommate change or name change, please notify the Leasing Office at your apartment community immediately. In addition, if you make a decision to vacate your apartment, be sure that you have given the required Thirty (30) day notice to the Leasing Office for your apartment community. Notices of Intent to vacate are not accepted at the VPM Management, Inc. office in Irvine.

  10. If you have any questions regarding your rental payments, please contact the VPM Management, Inc. office in Irvine at (949) 863-1500. Questions regarding other matters related to your tenancy may be directed to the Harbor Village Leasing Office at (714) 545-0442.


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